Funky Finland Artist Portal

Highlighting the Finnish vanguard

A new information service starts serving the enthusiasts of black rhythm music in the last quarter of 2021. The Funky Finland artist portal will offer loads of information on Finnish artists, who have made a significant effort to the culture during the last decades.

The goal of the Funky Finland portal is to ultimately cover all the distinguished Finnish artists in the black rhythm music scene during the last decades. Musically the focus is on funk, soul and rhythm & blues but the service will also highlight several selected artists from nu jazz to hip hop, Finnreggae and gospel as well as from afrobeat to other rhythm-based world music artists.

The first Porto ’21 Kick-off version of the Funky Finland artist portal is launched in the end of October 2021 at the same time with Womex ’21 taking place in Portugal between 27th and 31st. It will introduce three Finnish artists, Dub VallilaMama Longhorn and The Blassics, who have been especially selected for Womex ’21. These will be prime examples of how the artists will be highlighted in the portal.

Dub Vallila

Anyone can use the upcoming portal for free and it will be available both in Finnish as well as English. The artists may use a link to their profile page or use the content in their promotion as long as the source is being mentioned. The texts are being written objectively by the Funky Amigos in order to be used by media or in Wikipedia, for example.

Funky Finland artist portal will be launched as an independent website, which offers the users to explore and get to know the Finnish artists in the scene as well as to find their music. There have been countless bands and artists during the years in the local scene, which have efforted the culture but are relatively unknown by most. We are more than proud to give our support to the scene and the artists this way!

Mama Longhorn (Photo: Janne Alhonpää)
The Blassics

Further development and criteria

The project is being developed from the very beginning together with several artists, so all the most important needs can be answered the most ideal way. The artist portal is planned to extend during the year 2022 to cover at least 100 significant artists, maybe even more depending on the funding we get for the project. After that the project will be developed step by step further

There will be a specific criteria required to be met regarding which artists will be accepted along. The final decision is done case by case considering the big picture. The most important aspect will be the importance of each artist to the black rhythm music and its subcultures in Finland, which is being evaluated from factors such as the number of official releases and publicly acceptable music. The portal will be highlighting artists and bands, not individual musicians.