Elefanttiradio show

Keepin’ the funky spirit alive!

Radio Majava started online in spring 2020 with the collaboration of several local music professionals. Elefanttiradio is the special show of the channel dedicated to black rhythm music and hosted by Funky Amigos every week.

Listen to Elefanttiradio every Tuesday at 5 pm (17:00-19:00 hs / UTC+2) live via Radio Majava‘s live stream!

Since 2022 the show is being produced and hosted by the Funky Amigos’ special radio team, including the following regular hosts and deejays changing every week:

Sami “Magic Sam” Mannerheimo
Juuso Partti
Joonas “SoulllJay” Kervinen
Lord Fatty

If this wasn’t enough, expect to hear the long-reputed music expert and funkateer Janski Arnimaa every now and then as well as the members of our support team Niko Geselle and Rolando Camilo featured in the programme sooner or later. Every host has his own personal style and the shows are mainly in Finnish, but funky music is always in the spotlight! Our aim is to inspire.

Funk, soul, jazz, afrobeat, hip hop, reggae, cumbia, world music… you name it! We got everything covered from all around the world with both the freshest and rarest special gems included and selected according to the themes of the shows by the host. Each new two-hour show is scheduled for a rerun every Wednesday at 10 pm (UTC+2) and on Sunday at 8 pm (UTC+2). Selected show recordings are available on SoulllJay’s Mixcloud page.

PLEASE NOTE! (Update on May 20th):
The operation of Radio Majava will finish on June 6th, so Elefanttiradio will be off-air for at least an indefinite period of time until we find a new home for the broadcasts in the future. We’d like to thank all the people, who participated either as a host, deejay or guest in the production of Elefanttiradio shows during the last two years and some! <3 You can still listen to many of the shows on Mixcloud or enjoy the music of the shows on Spotify!

Tune in! Inspiring musical experiences guaranteed every week from a wide scale of styles and decades. The programme features often Finnish artists as special guests as well. The interviews are mainly in Finnish.

Radio Majava was honored by the City of Helsinki as one of the best cultural activities in Helsinki in 2020. Radio Majava was also chosen as one of the candidates for the Radio Station of the Year 2020 in the Industry Awards of Music & Media.

Online stream (streamable worldwide):

The dynamic Spotify playlist of Elefanttiradio gathers all the songs played on the shows. The latest show is always being added in to the beginning of the list. Play that funky music!

You can listen to selected Elefanttiradio shows as recordings on Mixcloud, find the appropriate links via the link above. Lists include hundreds of links to music videos as well, go and check it out!

You will also find playlists of individual shows as well as other good funky stuff to listen to by browsing the Funky Amigos playlists on Spotify.