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>> Purpose and principles of operation
>> Main focus areas and goals

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Funky Amigos is a registered non-profit grassroots cultural organization, which produces multicultural and communal events, activities as well as other program and artistic content. The core group of the association consists of few active people who receive help from many volunteers or project-based employees assigned specifically for each event or project according to the needs.

The values Funky Amigos emphasize in its activities include sense of communality, respect for cultural diversity and tolerance. One of the missions is to build ground for peaceful and constructive interaction between people from different cultural backgrounds in a positive context. The activities are practiced according to sustainable principles and the promotion of well-being among people.

The workshops we organize are open to anyone and mostly related to music, arts & culture or physical exercise. We have activities for adults, youth and children from different ethnical backgrounds, and families are one of the main target groups.

Purpose and principles of operation

Funky Amigos non-profit association promotes and upholds the status and conspicuousness of black rhythm music and its artists as well as cultural diversity and tolerance in Finland. In order to fulfill the goals the organization creates opportunities for the most remarkable musicians as well as the future prospects and internationally recognized artists in the scene to perform.

Besides event production, the association produces informational services of the scene, introduces topical phenomenon of black rhythm music and its subcultures as well as advances co-operation among other organizations and people both domestically and internationally.

Main focus areas and goals

The operations of the association are being developed according to the afore mentioned values and principles. They also adapt to the current situation and changes in the society and the arts & culture scene. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, which started in 2020, the production of normal cultural events hasn’t been realistically possible or responsible. Thus the resources have been refocused in such activities, which can be realized despite of the pandemic situation.

The main focus areas and goals in 2021:

  • To launch and develop the Funky Finland artist portal highlighting Finnish black rhythm music artists
  • To advance the liaison and co-operation between the musicians and organizations in the local scene
  • To start offering professional promotional service to people in the industry
  • To produce and develop the weekly Elefanttiradio broadcasts on Radio Majava online radio (www)
  • To digitize and advance the final use of audiovisual materials in the Funky Amigos archives
  • To develop and improve the operations and the membership program of the association

The development started earlier in the organization will continue on the following areas in 2021 (if realistically possible):

  • Planning of activities and program targeted to youth in the age group 13 to 17 years
  • Increasing the amount of workshop activities
  • Design of new forms of artistic content in the events
  • Development of co-operation between schools and other multicultural organizations
  • Offering more actively event production and dj services to companies and organizations

Events planned for 2021 include Elephantasy – Funky Winter Splash stream event in February, the annual Elephantasy – Funky Family Picnic summer festival, concert and club nights, and the participation in Planet Suvilahti on the Night of the Arts late summer/early autumn.


Funky Amigos is a non-profit organization, which is being financed mainly by the public grants, the financial support from private foundations and partners, the ticket sales and supplementary sales in the events, membership fees and donations. The association also sells promotional, deejay and event production services.

One of the most remarkable financiers of the activities is the City of Helsinki, which has granted the association for several years with the operating grant for cultural organizations operating in the area.

In order to support its operation, Funky Amigos provides informational services, is eligible to receive donations and testaments as well as owns property, equipment, fixed assets and chattel, which is needed.


The association was founded in 1999 around the Funky Elephant club festival, which had been organized for several years already until that. One of the original founders of Funky Amigos, Sami Mannerheimo (Magic Sam), is still today the chairman of the board. Another noteworthy long-term key member is the deputy chairman and the director of content, concepts and communication, Joonas Kervinen (SoulllJay).

Regarding events, Funky Amigos has made their name with especially the Funky Elephant Festival, the annual free-entry family summer festival Elephantasy – Funky Family Picnic and the Finnish black rhythm music gala Funky Awards. The office of the organization is located in Suvilahti, Helsinki in the address of Kaasutehtaankatu 1.

Board of directors

Sami Mannerheimo, chairman
Joonas Kervinen, content, concepts & communication, artistic programme, blog
Ville Hollanti, newsletter, blog, membership programme
Janski Arnimaa, musical expert and advisor, artistic programme, blog
Elina Mäkilä, participatory activities
Johanna Valkama (deputy member)
membership programme, youth and multicultural activities
Juuso Partti (deputy member)
photography in events, webmaster