Funky Amigos events

Live to enjoy it!

In the events organized by Funky Amigos you are guaranteed to hear blasting and grooving rhythm music in various forms! The subcultures drawing out of black rhythm music heritage, diversity of cultural backgrounds and peaceful interaction in a positive spirit will be there always in a form or another. Besides the funky sounds and the best dances you can find, there’s also often a versatile selection of arts and culture to be enjoyed in the name of diversity!

Many of the events have a free entry and no age limit. And when we do need to charge a fee for the ticket, we always do our best to keep the prices moderate so your participation would not be about the money or the lack of it. We also give an emphasis to the accessibility of our events.

You might had enjoyed our efforts also on several other festivals during the years, including World Village, Planet Suvilahti, Faces Etnofestival, Cirko and Koneisto, where we have many times participated by producing mainly programme and other artistic content as one of the main collaborators.

Join the groove!

Elephantasy (in Finnish)
Puhos Loves People (in Finnish)
Funky Elephant Festival (in Finnish)
Funky Awards (in Finnish)
Hit The Breaks! live clubs (in Finnish)
Tropical Splash club (in Finnish)