Join the Family!

Funky Family is the mutual family of Funky Amigos actives and supporters enabling the communal operation of the association. The culturally diverse family consists of members of all ages and backgrounds mostly in Finland but also abroad with the idea that each one can give their unique way of support to the organization. As a member you can be a part of a community focused to create experiences together for anyone.

Anybody can join the Funky Amigos family as a supporting member. When you join, you will be one of the highly important supporting members of the association. Support membership fee is only 10 euros per year and the members are entitled to discounts and special advantages related especially to different events and concerts all through the year as well as occasional surprises!

Joining is easier than ABC!

Join the Funky Family ( »

Fill up the information and pay the support membership fee for one year via Holvi online store. The membership is valid right away after we have registered your payment on our account.

Supporting membership does not obligate you in any way but instead enables your participation in the operational planning and implementation. By joining us you will support our activities and make it possible that we can produce and develop events as well as other activities in the future.

Membership advantages

As a Funky Family supporting member of Funky Amigos you will get…

  • discounts or even completely free tickets to the events organized by us
  • a possibility to participate in contests and draws, where we hand out free tickets to other concerts and events
  • versatile advantages and nice surprises from artist meetings to exotic food
  • regular membership newsletters (mainly in Finnish), where we inform you of advantages and the activities around Funky Family
  • an opportunity to join the planning and implementation of our activities as a volunteer

Join us! Funky Family is Your family!