The soulful online celebration!

Elephantasy – Funky Winter Splash is a cultural event suitable for all ages and reaching out to you right where you want to enjoy it! The winter edition of the annual summer fest, normally held in Alppipuisto in Helsinki, is going to be full of soulful black rhythm music, diversity and good feeling in order to bring joy and inspiration in the middle of the corona pandemic. Free entry, the stream will be accessible worlwide without a charge on Saturday 6th of February, 2021!

Official timetable:Finnish time is UTC+2 / CET+1
16 – 17 hsCircus Johku & Children’s programme from Circus Lounge in Turku
19:00 hsIsaac Sene
20:00 hsBobby Oroza duo
21:00 hsEmilia Sisco
19:45 & 20:45 hsCircus Lounge artists performances
21:45 hsBunuel dj set

Among with many other events, Elephantasy planned for summer 2020 got cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But now we’re coming back at you with Elephantasy – Funky Winter Splash online on the official Helsinki Channel (Helsinki-kanava) accessible from anywhere in the world! Expect to experience fabulous live music, acrobatic circus performances and inspiring children’s programme. Read more on this page! The stream will also be accessible for viewing at least for a period of two weeks hence the event.

You can alternatively view the live stream via the official Helsinki Channel.

Bobby Oroza Duo

Helsinki-based soul virtuoso Bobby Oroza was already on his way to international stardom with his singles and debut album This Love, published in May 2019, until the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and turned everything upside down. Bobby and his band of reputed top-notch musicians had already been touring Europe twice, but ultimately they never got the chance for their takeover in the USA like planned. Besides his sweet and soulful voice, it’s all equally about the professionals behind the act, including the house band of Timmion Records, Cold Diamond & Mink, consisting of musicians from the internationally acknowledged music group The Soul Investigators.

The soul charmer will be performing in Elephantasy this time live as a duo with the guitarist Seppo Salmi, so you can expect to hear more sensual and intimate versions of Bobby Oroza’s repertoire than ever as well as the new single (about to drop in February) for the first time ever on stage! And Bobby surely knows that it’s most of all LOVE what we need in these troubled times, that’s why we chose him for you!

Showtime: 20:00 hs (UTC 18:00 hs / CET 19:00 hs)


Photo: Shoot Hayley

Multitalented Isaac Sene is an artist and singer-songwriter, whose Koko kansan EP and the singles “Akryyli” and “Hell My Ppl” have made such a buzz that many critics have divined him to become a future star and sensation. Hailing from the small town of Siilinjärvi in the central parts of Finland, Isaac Sene’s musical style is an ambitious and fascinating mix of influences from soul, pop, rock and jazz in a quite similar way as the wonderful eclectic groove of late Prince as some have pointed out. He has collaborated with different artists, such as the female rapper Yeboyah during the last years.

What makes it all even more interesting is that nobody actually knows too much of what to expect of Isaac Sene’s live show on Elephantasy, not apparently even himself! The word we have is that he’s maybe going to perform a solo set. Or maybe with a trio after all?

Showtime: 19:00 hs (UTC 17:00 hs / CET 18:00 hs)


Singstress Emilia Sisco performs retro soul and blues with deep passion and voice and she has been acknowledged widely during the last few years especially in the local scene. The Finnish Blues Awards chose him as the best newcomer of 2017, and her critically acclaimed debut album You Ain’t Heard was released one year after that. This has paved way for Emilia Sisco and her band to perform all over Europe.

Musically Emilia Sisco is about mixing together Afro-American jazz traditions, modern arrangements and retro soul. On her latest single “Don’t Believe You Like That” she collaborated with the famous Cold Diamond & Mink, and it was published by the distinguished Timmion Records. The new album is set to be issued until the spring. Emilia Sisco will be highlighting the Elephantasy evening by performing together with her 9-piece band including authentic funky horns as well!

Emilia Heinonen, vocals | Tuomas Metsberg, guitar | Lasse Sirkko, bass | Thomas Rönnholm, drums | Antti Ikola, keyboards | Joose Kyyrö, saxophone | Jay Kortehisto, trombone | Unna Kortehisto, background vox | Fatima Kortesoja, background vox

Showtime: 21:00 hs (UTC 19:00 hs / CET 20:00 hs)


Circus artist Johanna Kellomäki (Circus Johku) and her incredible friends have made people smile for years at Elephantasy and we’re happy to tell you that this year’s online event won’t be an exception to this! They will be entertaining you with performances as well as a class of children’s circus school starring 8-year-old Tessa Linkosuonio! The broadcast, which will be recorded in advance, is transmitted directly from their Circus Lounge in the city of Turku, a special place dedicated to gather both professionals and enthusiasts together in the name of circus and in normal situation dance as well.

Circus Johku will perform at Elephantasy with circus artist Teemu Riihelä, the reputed Colombian virtuoso José Valencia and Reetta Valtari, while Ville Saarikoski will be enhancing the atmosphere with his visuals. The children’s programme will be hosted by Ninna Lehtinen.

Showtime: 16:00 – 17:00 hs, 19:45 & 20:45 hs (Finnish time)
UTC: 14:00 – 15:00, 17:45 & 18:45 hs
CET: 15:00 – 16:00, 18:45 & 19:45 hs


The online stream of Elephantasy – Funky Winter Splash will be hosted by the legendary Bunuel, who is best known of his several radio shows, decades of experience as a deejay and as one of the founding members of Fat Beat Sound System as well as several musical collaborations with different artists! After the concerts, you will also enjoy his short dj set live on air.

All rights reserved. Programme subject to changes.

Elephantasy – Funky Winter Splash has been made possible with the funding from the City of Helsinki to the Alppipuiston kesä 2020 summer event series.