Funky Amigos will entertain World Village audience on May 25th and 26th, 2024

20.5.2024 | SoulllJay

Once again, it’s time to celebrate and respect the diversity of cultures at the annual World Village Festival taking place in Suvilahti, Helsinki. Funky Amigos has been giving our effort multiple times to the festival and this year won’t be an exception. On both festival days you will be entertained by Funky Amigos Terrace Party consisting of deejays from our collective among with special guests. So even between the incredible live shows of the festival, you can enjoy incredible rhythm music at its finest!

Between the live shows on the main stage, you can enjoy Funky Amigos DJs and their special guests playing exciting sounds and world rhythms on the terrace of Peloton restaurant – each featuring their own style. On Saturday 25 May, entertainment will be provided by DJs Bunuel, Ana Coudurier, SoulllJay and Fabulastik. On Sunday 26 May, DJs Magic Sam, Luciana Rios and Lilli Rose will be rocking the decks for you.

In line with the collective’s philosophy, at the core of the sound is the diversity of rhythm music and subcultures, so expect to hear funky grooves as well as anything from around the world that just has that soul and kick to make you dance!

At the organisation tent of Funky Amigos located right next to the DJs, you can hear more about our organisation and events and how you can get involved or otherwise support Funky Amigos activities for the diversity of rhythm music and subcultures.

Sat 25.5.

12.00–13.15 DJ Fabulastik
14.15–15.15 DJ Bunuel
16.15–17.30 DJ Ana Coudurier
18.30–19.45 DJ SoulllJay

Sun 26.5.

12.15–13.15 DJ Lilli Rose
14.30–15.30 DJ Luciana Rios
16.30–17.45 DJ Magic Sam

You will find the Funky Amigos Terrace Party on the Peloton Eatery terrace by the Music Stage. The DJs will be playing between the Music Stage acts.