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Elephantasy – Funky Family Picnic spreads around the idyllic park of Alppipuisto on Saturday the 13th of July. As ten times already prior this, it will be highlighting the diversity and wellbeing of urban Helsinki with warm and inspiring live rhythm music, culture and workshops as well as a children’s area full of activities and special programme.

Feel free to bring your own picnic treats and drinks or to alternatively buy the delicious world street food from our one of the carefully selected vendors. Scroll down to the end of the page to find the introductions of them!

Enjoy the Impressive line-up full of rhythmical live acts from funk, afrobeat, soul, hip hop and reggae to different corners of the world or keep yourself busy with dance performances, yoga or other activities, it’s all up to you! Elephantasy is about people sharing the good vibes together regardless of their background in one of the most inspiring parks of the city.

Elephantasy – Funky Family Picnic
13.7.2019 at 14 – 22 hs
Alppipuisto, Viipurinkatu, Helsinki

see: Reittiopas for public transportation (destination: Alppipuisto)
& Festival map for directions!

Free entry, no age limit!


The Blassics (FIN/BEN/ETH)
Frankosun & The Family (FIN/BEN)
Mariana Zwarg & Antti Lähdesmäki Quartet (FIN/BRA)
Julius Keisari & Suave
Hot Rocks 42s (Ventovieras, Sipsipussipasi & 42’s)
Al Fama
Kaminá (COL/DEN)
Acro yoga
Circus Johku
Children’s Area
World Food Bazar & Gazebo pop-up bar

Official timetable for two stages and other park programme to be announced soon!

Elephantasy is an official member of the Alppipuiston kesä event series funded by the City of Helsinki and is organized by Funky Amigos in co-operation with Svenska kulturfonden och M-Line Records.

See photos from last year’s Elephantasy – Funky Family Picnic >>


The music of Laulurastas takes you back to the golden years of FinnReggae when the legendary Soul Captain Band was still full of attitude and meaning in the period which made the genre locally such a strong and unique cultural phenomenon in Finland. The group hailing from Jyväskylä was active around the millennium and broke up in 2002 but succeeded in reaching a cult band status in the local scene with its thoroughly deep Northern reggae. However, Laulurastas was able to release only a few fine 7’’ singles as the recording process of the album was never finished.

In April 2019, the long-awaited debut ultimately saw the daylight, and Laulurastas actually sounds better than ever before! The incredible self-titled album with its incredible production, organic rhythms and inspiring sound as well as the praise of love from Profeetta and fireful toasts by Puppa J is already a milestone itself in the Finnish music history. In Elephantasy, you will get a rare chance to enjoy the legendary FinnReggae cult band full of wonderful musicians in the idyllic summer evening of Alppipuisto at its best! Fair to call it epic? Certainly!

The Blassics (FIN/BEN/ETH)

The Blassics have been charming the local funky scene with their reputed afro funk jazz already since 2010. And they have paved a long way after starting originally as a production duo of Tuure Tammi and Juha Sarkkola to release four internationally acknowledged albums and to become the impressive 9-piece collective they are today.

Their latest LP Togetherings, released in April, sounds as funky as these guys always did, but it also takes you all the way from Benin to Ethiopia with percussionist Victor Tokpanou and singer MikiMac (Mikiyas Getachew). Widely known for their hypnotic and energetic live performances, The Blassics are just what we need to take the Elephantasy to the O.G. funk level but with strong and tasty African influences!

Frankosun & The Family (FIN/BEN)

Frankosun & The Family is a Helsinki-based Finnish-African band led by Franck Koumolou, born in the heartlands of Vodun (Voodoo) in Benin. And since 2013 they have been charming listeners one after another. In their music they combine 70’s and 80’s Beninese/Nigerian styles of afrobeat to more floating and relaxing afro funk and afro rock as well as to the rhythmics of their frontman’s birthplace and occasionally other black rhythm music influences. To the idyllic Alppipuisto they are ready to bring their whole exuberant family – as well as the warmth of African sun!

Franck Koumolou, vocals & percussions | Elina Koskela & Suvituuli Siikasaari, vocals | Ville Sirviö & Lauri Kallio, guitar | Johannes Sarjasto, saxophone | Panu Luukkonen, trombone | Keijo Koskenharju, drums | Aapo Watanen, percussions | Olli Puolakka, bass


Afromikko is still relatively fresh and up-coming Finnish artist combining both older as well as more modern rhythm music. However, he has already created quite a buzz among many people from the nostalgic music lovers to the mainstream audience for example with the release of his summer hit single Oi Oi a few years ago. Together with his band Hubba Bubba they perform silky smooth soul music with hints of syrup and rock. And as always when they get live, it’s best for you to prepare for senseless surprises!

Facebook: www.facebook.com//Afromikko
Instagram: www.instagram.com/afromikko

Mariana Zwarg & Antti Lähdesmäki Quartet (FIN/BRA)

Flutist and composer Mariana Zwarg continues the legacy of universal music created by her godfather Hermeto Pascoali. She got introduced to it already as a child as her father played for years as the bassist of Pascoal’s band. You can easily hear the diversity of Brazilian folk music and of course rhythm in Zwarg’s music as this is the area where she improvises and communicates. However, it just gets even more fascinating with Antti Lähdesmäki Quartet, who perform with her and create exciting contrast in the music with their modern jazz and Scandinavien melodies.

Also, check out:

Julius Keisari & Suave

Rapper Julius Keisari, originally hailing from Kouvola, and his 9-piece groove orchestra have been slowly gaining reputation among the lovers of funky hip hop, but not forgetting your mother-in-law. They are not aware even themselves if they are a rap group or a funk band. What you will be hearing fo’ sho will be a whining synthesizer, funky horns and fat basslines. Julius Keisari’s Cocktail EP was probably the hardest X-mas package around in 2017. Now he’s working on his new LP, while his band Suave is stirring up a true funky soup in the background. Expect to enjoy it with full flavour at Elephantasy!

Hot Rocks 42s
(Ventovieras, Sipsipussipasi & 42’s)

Rapper Ventovieras got breastfed with the original Helsinki slang already in mother’s milk, while the instrumental band 42’s found their life purpose through music early in their lives in the western neighborhoods of Helsinki. The funky bunch has been working together for quite a while already, but when they just added the most lyrical horticulturist in Finland, Sipsipussipasi, to the combo, things are now getting even funkier with their fresh project named Hot Rocks 42s! So you can bet that their superfat basslines, flowing melodies and skillfully dropped verbal acrobatic gems will definitely make even the most stiffed knees swing!

Al Fama

Al Fama calls their music by the name of gloom soul and play funk-based music with a singer-songwriter twist. The robust trio sounds feisty and unpolished as they want you to be able to hear every instrument in its purest form. Their music walks hand in hand with the four seasons of Finland. While everything is gloomy and dark for most of the time, things get a bit hectic in the spring only to settle down when the summer hits. You could say that you can easily find all these scales and seasons in the music of Al Fama.

Check out:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/alfama_hki/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alfamahki/

Kaminá (COL/DEN)

Kaminá invites the listener to a sonic journey in a world of flowers and birds, landscapes and mountains through a reflective, expressive, minimalistic and intimate atmosphere. The band met through music in Helsinki (Finland) and their songs are inspired by their stories, memories and sounds from all over the world. Before their show at Elephantasy, Kaminá has been performing actively since 2016 in both smaller and bigger venues in Finland and Denmark all the way from clubs to festivals such as Aarhus Jazz and Spot Festival.

Circus Johku

Circus artist Johanna Kellomäki’s Circus Johku has been part of Elephantasy for so many years already that nobody knows anymore when it actually started! This summer is no exception as she once again brings her acrobatic performances, workshops and gigantic soap bubbles to Alppipuisto. One of her big interests during recent years has been Acro Yoga, which she is more than glad to introduce as well. During the last decade Johku has been touring, performing and teaching all over the world so we’re glad that she always has a place in her heart for Elephantasy.

Children’s area

The Children’s Area of Elephantasy is the place to be for the smallest stompers! One of the hits, surely this year as well, has been traditionally the Art & Craft Workshop. This time the theme is to create magical wands from the sustainable materials and elephant masks! Or the juniors can always spend time doing tricks on the Little Elephant’s Adventure Path, if they prefer. Prepare also for some circus fun and gigantic soap bubbles!

Kids a little bit older may also find inspiration from the graffiti workshop organized next to the area. The programme and activities will easily keep busy all the way until early evening (around 7 pm). It’s not a secret anymore that Elephantasy has been favored by families for years!

Next to the Children’s Area you can also find the official info stand of Funky Amigos as well as several vendors selling street food from around the world.


There’s plenty of activities for you as well in Elephantasy in case if you don’t want to just enjoy the music, other performances and delicious food in the idyllic environment of Alppipuisto! You are free to join different kinds of open workshops, which invite you to participate and learn new things. Maybe you will find inspiration or even a new hobby out of them?

At least the following workshops have been planned for the day in Alppipuisto:

  • – Breakdance workshop by KKC crew
  • – Circus workshop by Circus Johku
  • – Graffiti workshop by Unckan Store
  • – Djembe workshop by Ossi Raippalinna

All the workshops will be directed by professionals. Check exact times from the timetable!

Food & Drinks

Street food from different corners of the world!

The food stalls of Elephantasy will serve you street food delicacies from different parts of the world, so you do not actually need to bring anything for the picnic at all!


Addis Ethiopian Kitchen
Delicious injera bready topped with either meat or lentils (vegan) are the pride of Ethiopian culinary!

Awa Senegal
Traditional gluten-free Western African delicacies come with either chicken or as a vegan version and guaranteed to satisfy!

Cose Buone
The mobile artesane pizzeria will serve you square-formed pizza al taglio and nonna Lina’s tiramisù made with love & passion!

Sandwich Club
The secret of probably the tastiest filled sandwiches in Finland lies in the overall quality of ingredients they use to give it the special twist!


Pau Brasil
Tropical drinks and cafeteria sweets for full enjoyment.

Mind-blowing vegan ice cream sold straight out of cart!

Stadin Nitro
Cold-brewed special coffee and tea for either refreshment or relaxation.

Gazebo pop-up bar (for 18+ years)

For the first time in Elephantasy you can now also enjoy the local craft beer specialties, including some of the best of Stadin Panimo brewery, from our funky pop-up bar in the gazebo of Alppipuisto! Age limit: 18 years

Finnish & English texts and copywriting: Joonas Kervinen
Översättning: Axel Jaatinen
Web: Juuso Partti

Event producer:
Joose Kyyrö | joose@funkyamigos.fi