Röyhkä / Inginmaa / Hypnomen


When a bunch of top musicians with a personal twist decide to create something together, the result is usually above ordinary. This is the case when the mastermind of rock, lyrics and literature,  Kauko Röyhkä, jazz singer Anna Inginmaa and Finland’s grooviest and most stylish rock-group The Hypnomen decided to do a project together. The band drew already such a special attention with it’s first soul, Finnish schlager and folk influenced singles ”Hietsu” and ”Paha poika” that it was easy to see that this was only a good beginning for even better things to come.

Huominen on uni (Tomorrow is a Dream in English) album, released in February, has been praised everywhere so far and continues right where they started. At Funky Elephant they are privileged to start the Saturday night on festival’s main stage, so make sure you will be there in time!

22nd Funky Elephant Festival 7.–9.4.2016