Orlando Julius w/Aiyekooto & Afrobeat International (NGR/FIN)


Nigerian saxophonist, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Orlando Julius, was fairly unknown to the Western audience all along until the Millennium. His final breakthrough happened in 2014 with the collaborative album Jaiyede Afro with The Heliocentrics (UK). Julius has had a huge influence since 1960’s on the popularization of Afro pop, especially genres like afrobeat and afro soul, and is known to have influenced even James Brown and Bootsy Collins with his visionary work. Joining the legend on stage will be Helsinki-based Aiyekooto & Afrobeat International led by Babatunde “Aiyekooto” Akerele with his main man, guitarist Seppo “Paarma” Salmi. The musicians of the orchestra are top cats from legendary Finnish line-ups such as Sound Explosion Band, Reino & The Rhinos, Jätkäjätkät, Chisu and Soul Captain Band. Orlando Julius was also headlining the World Village Festival last year.

22nd Funky Elephant Festival 7.–9.4.2016