Muuan mies

Muuan mies is a progressive folk band combining alternative rock, hip hop, reggae and rillumarei, a specific form of Finnish folk culture of the 1940’s and 1950’s, with an exceptionally open-minded attitude in their music. The fusion they have created offers a fresh and distinctive view into the modern Finnish music. Muuan mies has dropped three inspiring albums so far, including the latest Aurinkolaulu (Song for the Sun in English) released in February, which was received well by their fans. The lyrics of singer-songwriter Ismo Puhakka are funnily still as benevolent, naive and easygoing as always while the musicians as well as DJ Polarsoul have put more groove and swing than ever before into their sound. Open your mind and join the party!

22nd Funky Elephant Festival 7.–9.4.2016