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Jottei festivaaliviikonloppu jäisi liian lyhyeksi, järjestää Funky Elephant sunnuntaina Funky Brunssin Pacificossa. Leppoisa brunssi on ikärajaton, joten herkuttelemaan voi tulla koko perheen kera. Musiikista vastaavat Funky Amigosin DJ:t. Myöhemmin Pacifico muuttuu musiikkifilmien keitaaksi, kun Docpointin kanssa yhteistyössä järjestettävä Leffaklubi tarjoaa kiinnostavaa katseltavaa.

Brothers Hypnotic avaa Funky Elephantissakin nähtävän Hypnotic Brass Ensemblen veljesten matkaa eteläisen Chicagon kaduilta maailmanmaineeseen. Reuben Atlasin ohjaama dokumentti kertoo Phil Cohranin poikien perustaman torvikahdeksikon musiikista ja käsittelee poikien suhdetta legendaariseen muusikkoisäänsä.

Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown on Oscar-palkitun Alex Gibneyn ohjaama dokumentti James Brownin urasta. Elokuva valaisee soulin kummisedän taustoja lapsuudesta lähtien kertoen etenkin Brownin uran voitokkaasta noususta.

Lisäksi leffaklubilla näytetään kaksi lyhytfilmiä: Elina Mäkilän Front Row Project kertoo yhteisötaideprojektista Ugandassa,
ja Jari Järven Remu Meets the Beat vie katsojat Hurriganes-legenda Remun matkassa Burkina Fasoon paikallisen mestarirumpalin luo.

Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown

James Brown has come a long way: A boy from a poor and troubled family rose to the top of the music world and became the godfather of soul. Interviews, photographs and concerts hit the beat as we follow his journey from rhythm and blues to funk.

Mainly covering the time between Brown’s joining of the Famous Flames in 1954 to what Questlove calls the “mustache period” of the mid-Seventies, the film showcases Brown’s legendary performances at the Apollo and on Ed Sullivan and The T.A.M.I. Show alongside his work as a humanitarian and civil-rights activist. While Brown’s life could easily be the subject of a marathon-length Ken Burns-directed series, Mr. Dynamite deftly encapsulates why Brown’s music was so innovative and groundbreaking, giving proper credit to his all-star band and not shying away from the bandleader’s quasi-tyrannical, yet tireless, working style.

—Rolling Stone

Language: English. No subtitles.


Brothers Hypnotic

For the eight young men in the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, “brotherhood” is literal: they’re all sons of anti-establishment jazz legend, Phil Cohran. Cohran and their mothers raised them together on Chicago’s South Side on a strict diet of jazz, funk and Black Consciousness. Family band practice began at 6 AM.

Now grown, as they raise eight brass horns to the sky, they make music that is at once indescribably joyful, unremittingly exciting, and undeniably together. But as the brothers try to make their own way in the wide world—while playing in the streets of New York City, collaborating with Mos Def, or wowing a jazz festival—they find the values their father bred into them constantly tested. They must decide whether his principles really are their own.

Brothers Hypnotic will restore your faith in humanity, bring a tear to your eye, a heavy stomp to your right foot and, possibly, make you curse your parents for not forcing you to wake up at the crack of dawn for tuba practice.

12.4. 18:00, Pacifico
Language: English. No subtitles.