Eternal Erection feat. Paleface & Reino Nordin


Eternal Erection started their funk odyssey in 1994, and they are celebrating their 20th anniversary along with Funky Elephant. Under the leadership of the soulful singer and keyboard player Sam ”Rick Lover” Huber, Eternal Erection has become one of the finest and most energetic live bands in Finland.

They released their latest album, Angels and Bandits, in the Spring of 2009, and before that they’ve put out four albums: Family Tree (1998), No Funk About It (2000), On Top (2005) and the live album On Tour (2006). In addition to this, Eternal Erection have published albums in Australia, New Zealand and Russia, and they are currently returning to the stage and working on their next album, slated for release in late 2014.

They’ve made their name with their highly energetic and entertaining shows, which have a tendency to become spectacular funk extravaganzas filled with nothing but love, and the band has been winning over audiences with collaborators like Michael Monroe and Lauri Ylönen.

The band’s motto has remained the same for the past 20 years: “We strive to set people’s bodies free, to make them dance so their minds will follow.” Right now they are hitting harder than ever, and Eternal Erection will put the Funky Elephant into a trance with their deep, deep groove, their wild costumes and their funky tunes both old and new. Their awesome anniversary show will also feature guest performances from Paleface and Reino Nordin. Funkier than funk!

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» THU 3.4.2014
Main Stage

The 20th Funky Elephant Festival 3.-6.4.2014