Da Lata (UK/BRA)


Da Lata was founded in 1994 by Chris Franck and Patrick Forge, and this acclaimed band is finally performing for the first time in Finland at this year’s Funky Elephant. But what could be a better way for them to celebrate their 20th anniversary along with our festival’s 20th!

Da Lata

Their music has strong Afro-Brazilian influences with lyrics in Portuguese and English. Da Lata’s sound is a wonderful blend of electronica and traditional funk, and this time their lineup will also feature the vocalist Vanessa Freeman, who has impressed audiences at Funky Elephant twice in the past years. Previously she visited the festival with Mark De Clive-Lowe in 2009 and The Baker Brothers in 2011.

Before Da Lata, the multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer Franck and DJ Forge started working together in the band Batu, and Da Lata’s first album, Songs from the Tin, came out in 2000. Their second album, Serious, was released in 2003 and expanded their sound with influences drawn from a wide variety of world music, but the focus on Brazilian music remained — and still remains — as strong as ever.

The duo took a break for several years and started working on a new album in 2011, and Fabiola came out in October of 2013. The album has garnered great reviews among aficionados, and the band’s long experience shows on the material and especially at their live performances. You can expect big soulful sounds and pure musical joy from the moment the first song kicks in.

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» SAT 5.4.2014
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