Maria Gasolina


In Brazilian slang, Maria Gasolina means a woman who only dates men who have cars. Whether you have an automobile or not, you’re still warmly welcome to move your hips and body to the rhythm of this band in the Funky Elephant on Saturday.

The concept of Maria Gasolina are Finnish lyrics combined to the musical influences from around the world. Finnish covers of popular Brazilian hits are their main repertoire, but on top they serve rhythms from countries like Iran, Haiti, Madagascar and France. The latest extension to this list is Somalian funk from the 1980’s. The afrofunk hit Dooyo by the legendary Dur-Dur Band has been rewritten in Finnish and makes people sweat on the dance floor at least the same way as they were under African sun.

Maria Gasolina has released three albums so far: Se jokin (2006), Mä olen sun (2008) and Aina uusi aalto (2010). The freshest release is the 7″ vinyl single including tracks Dooyo and Lemmenjuoni, a variation of Brazilian classic song Canto de OssanhaHowever, mostly it has has always been about wild partying and dancing on their live shows.

Maria Gasolina consists of Taneli Bruun (tenor sax), Kalle Jokinen (guitar), Lissu Lehtimaja (vocals, trumpet), Mikko Neimo (drums), Matti Pekonen (bass), Essi Pelkonen (alto sax), Aarne Riikonen (percussions) and Sanni Verkasalo (flute, vocals).

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» SAT 5.4.2014
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The 20th Funky Elephant Festival 3.-6.4.2014