The Funky Elephant Festival Experience

In addition to the top-notch live acts at the Funky Elephant, the festival offers lots of other things as well. The festival experience will be enhanced this year…

Cleva Crew (fri)

Cleva Crew

On Friday, the funky moves on the dance floor will be guided by Cleva Crew, a street dance group consisting of seven vibrant female dancers. They are a funky bunch of hip hop and house dancers with a successful history and a fresh, original style!

Cleva Crew’s repertoire includes also waacking, jazz, modern dance and top rock dance styles. They are one of the most important groups in the Finnish street dance scene, who also compete and visit actively abroad. During the last few years, Cleva Crew dancers have been performing in countries and cities such as India, Amsterdam, Washington D.C., Osaka, Soul, Cairo, Paris, New York, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Hannover and Lausanne.



Sirkus JohkuSirkus Johku Company has entertained audience in the Funky Elephant earlier as well, but this year they present new performances such as the Gravity Amity duo’s show along with other authentic circus numbers. The duo, consisting of Johanna Kellomäki and Erika Malkin, combines dance, theatre and clownery to their modern circus.

Be sure to enjoy their impressing and awesome performances; the shows by Sirkus Johku have been usually described as phenomenal and their tricks as incomparable.

Gra-vi-ty (gra-vi-tee), is a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other.

Am·i·ty [am-i-tee] 1.friendship; peaceful harmony. understanding and a peaceful relationship, especially between nations; peace; accord.

Ghanaian flavors cooked with love

The festival audience will also be treated with sweet and delicious flavors of Ghanaian food in the main event (Thursday to Saturday) at The Circus. This will guarantee ultimate enjoyment for your senses and give the boost to party till the early festival hours!

The food stall will be handled by experienced professional chef, Food Doctor Kwadwo Owusu from the Afro Multi Culture organization. His authentic, gourmet street food kitchen will serve you with reasonable prices, guaranteed quality and western African hospitality. So better bring some cash along with you.

Vegetarians will enjoy the latest addition to the festival’s food selection. RastaChef Vegetarian Kitchen is specialized on vegetarian world food, this time most probably with an Indian twist. Cash only, so prepare for that.

Cosmic Tea Party

Cosmic Tea Party

Sami Hyrskylahti is an artist, living and residing in St. Petersburg. Besides visual arts, he also specializes in good tea varieties. His Cosmic Tea Party is an extraordinary experience with exceptionally good spirit and lively atmosphere. You really don’t want to miss it!

Visual treats

visualsKangastus Visuals will provide their perspective on funky aestehetics this year already for the 14th time and you can bet it’s still as fresh as every time! They love to combine live footage from the venue to digital dreams and jewels from their archives. Kangastus will be coloring your festival experience on Thursday and Friday at the festival’s main arena in The Circus.

When Random Doctors and Klaustrofobia Visuals combine their skills on Saturday, it’s all about the joy of improvisation mixed with the dimensions of modern art. For them, the most important things are the magical moments when the visuals, the music and the audience coalesce.

Julius Verne / Z Vector will bring his interactive visuals to the festival, mixing voice and live footage into innovative graphical design. Fresh!

Art & aesthetics

The festival experience for all your senses is an essential part of the Funky Elephant, and this year we can gauarantee everything will be looking even better than ever before! The atmosphere will be enhanced by works and art by artists such as Fabio PiresJarkka AirioAlexander Leppä and Hossni Boudali..

The 20th Anniversary Exhibition (mbar)

serigrafiThe 20-year history of the Funky Elephant Festival is full of different kind of styles all the way from the beginning. The main reason for this is that we have always wanted to leave lots of artistic freedom for the designer and had a wide scale of artists to work with.

This colorful scale can be enjoyed between the 28th of February and the 6th of April in mbar. The exhibition includes posters by Bruno MaximusKirmo KiveläVilunki 3000Jani Tolin (Alfons Helsinki), Juuso KoponenEmil Bertell and Aleksi Ahjopalo.

You can also enjoy Fabio Pires’ artistic work on one of the headliners this year, Omar Souleyman, as well as the “Funky Elephant” serigraph by Bruno Maximus, which includes the original graphical design for this year’s layout, also on sale!

The size of the serigraph is 42 x 30 cm. There is only a limited amount of copies made.

All the copies are numbered and signatured by the artist. Price: 200 EUR.

Reservations by email: brunomax [ät]

On the closing party of the festival on Sunday the 6th of April, you can enjoy film programme selected together with Future Shorts Helsinki. One of the highlights will be a new documentary on the Finnish breakdance scene, Suomibreikkiä 1983-2013, directed by Hiski Hämäläinen. All the films are in English or with English subtitles. See more at the Festival Program page. Free entry, age limit 20 years.

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